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Beautab is a free app for Google Chrome. Replace your "New Tab" page with beautiful productivity-enhancing tools that help you to manage your daily goals and tasks more effectively than ever.

★ ★ ★ ★ ★ on the Chrome Web Store.

It takes a high level of organisation to develop an app like Outbound. Beautab is a great way to stay focused on our goals and keep track of our daily progress every time we open a new tab.

Ryan Hanly, Creator of Outbound App

Beautab is simple yet effective, and it works beautifully. From the intuitive interface, excellent backgrounds and the way you handle your to do list, you will increase productivity whilst being mesmerised by the visual splendour. Everyone should have this installed.

Gaz Lehri, Editor of Game On Daily

Excellent extension! Enjoying the "time-wasted" tracking feature, and it's great to have a reminder of your objective when opening a new tab.

If you spend a lot of time distracted in browser this is definitely the best way to keep you on track for the day.

Theo Chen Sverre, PhD Student

I like the clean feel of the page and it keeps me focused with the 'focus for the day'. Also is a great reminder to get back to work whenever I open a new tab, but does so in a way that is simple but elegant.

Musa Bilal, Student

Its beauty and simplicity won me over. The "time wasted" feature is pretty nifty without being obnoxious. I also appreciate the beautiful visuals and quotes that change each day. This is a great extension and I recommend it to everyone.

Raquel Seymone, Student



  • Countdown to important deadlines.
  • Set goals for the day, week, and month.
  • Manage your to-do list.


  • A different beautiful wallpaper each day.
  • Daily inspirational quotes.
  • Track the time you waste on popular websites to inspire less mindless browsing.


  • Sync your data across your devices.
  • Import your own custom wallpapers.
  • Turn off features you don't use to reduce clutter.


Visit the FAQ for an explanation of how to use Beautab's features and more details about how Beatuab works. If you need specific support, try the Support Page.


Beautab is being actively developed. Suggestions for new features and constructive criticism about current ones are very welcome at


You can download Beautab's presskit here. I am happy to contribute to articles written about Beautab, contact me at


If you want to contact me for some other reason, you can do so via my main website:

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